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Louis Charles Capet

Versailles on 17 March 1785

Paris on 08 June 1795

10 years, 2 months

Louis XVII was the last born child of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. He was 4 years old when the French Revolution started. His brother Louis Joseph perished just before the start of the Revolution. Louis Charles was cared for by multiple people. Madame de Rambaud was in charge of the Dauphin, during the seven years she never left him. She cradled him, dressed him and hugged him, comforted him and scolded him. On October 16, 1789 the family was forced to move from Versailles by the revolutionist to Tuiliers Palace in Paris, where they spent the next three years. The family lived a secluded life. Marie Antoinette spent time with her children especially the little Dauphin. On June 27, 1791 the family secretly tried to escape in an instant to the Flight of Varennes, but the attempt failed and they were recognized and brought back to Paris. The Tuileries were stormed out by an angry mob on August 10, 1792 and the family sought refuge in the Legislative Assembly. On August 13th the Royal family was imprisoned at the tower of the Temple. At first their conditions were harsh and were renamed "Capets" by the Republic. After the death of his father Louis XVII was the future king to the Royalist (not to the Revolutionist), sadly Louis was separated from his mother and his mother was executed as well-then tried by the Revolutionist. He was locked in a windowless room like a caged up animal, starved or ate little food. Robespierre entered his sister's room but no one entered the room where Louis was kept in until six months later Barras visited the prison on July 27, 1794, he saw the child was suffering extreme neglect. It was true he was alone and forgotten and had no special guardian to protect him, but was under the charge of guards of changed day to day. The boy was abused often but made no complaint to Barras of his ill treatment possibly because he feared doing so. He was clean and re-clothed, and his room was clean. During the day he visited his new attendant Joséphine de Beauharnais. The child was taken to walk on the roof tower-from about the time of Gomin's entrance the boy was inspected by Representatives of the Committee in Paris. At the end of October the child remained silent and explained by Laurent that he made a deposition against his mother. He was visited by three commissioners who retrieved no word from him. Louis became seriously ill and Doctor P.J. Desault treated him and has seen him several months earlier. His death was ruled out as long period of standing and harsh conditions of prison.


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